Tired of your Finances Stressing you out??  Check out our SUPPORT OPTIONS

Quarterly Financial Maintenance Package - Starting at $400 Per month - INCLUDES

  • Monthly Income & Expense Classification 

  • Monthly Bank Statement Reconciliation (1 checking, 1 savings, 1 credit card)

  • Monthly Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet

  • Monthly access to CFO, Kelly O'Hara via email

  • Quarterly 1 hour Strategy meeting in person (or phone if you prefer)

Monthly Financial Freedom Support Package - Starting at $950 per month - INCLUDES 

  • All the Monthly items in Quarterly Financial Maintenance Package PLUS

  • Monthly Strategy meeting with CFO, Kelly O'Hara

  • Monthly Expense Analysis 

  • Resource Allocation Analysis

  • Add on option- Customize the support you need

Monthly Trusted Financial Adviser Package - Starting at $1500 per month - INCLUDES

  • All items included in Financial Freedom Package PLUS

  • Business Development and Growth plans

  • 2 Monthly Strategy Meetings

  • Identify and create new systems as they are needed

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